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Introducing the way of the Wayke

KELLY'S WAYKE - Adelaide's Premier Irish Folk Band


Prepare to be transported to the heart of Ireland as Kelly's Wayke takes the stage, delivering a passionate and foot-stomping experience that blends the richness of traditional Irish music with their unique, gritty twist.

This eight-piece powerhouse hails from Adelaide, South Australia, and they're making waves with their captivating arrangements of classic Irish/Celtic songs and original compositions infused with an

unmistakeable Irish flavour. 

Kelly's Wayke boasts a line-up that reads like a dream for folk music enthusiasts.

Their acoustic strings featuring fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar and banjo weave a tapestry of melodies

that pull you into the heart of Ireland.  The enchanting strains of the piano accordion and tin whistles evoke the spirit of the Emerald Isle with every note.


But Kelly's Wayke doesn't stop at enchanting melodies. Their rhythm section, composed of drums and bass,

lays down an irresistible groove that keeps audiences on their feet, dancing and singing the night away. 

The bands six-piece harmonies soar above the music, creating a mesmerizing and harmonious experience.

From medieval ballads to high-energy punk-infused reels, Kelly's Wayke effortlessly traverses the spectrum of Irish music, taking you on a journey through time and tradition.  Their repertoire includes beloved standards as well as original compositions that pay homage to the roots of Irish/Celtic culture. 

Whether you're a die-hard folk music fan or simply looking for a night of unforgettable entertainment,

Kelly's Wayke promised and authentic and invigorating Irish folk experience like no other. 

Their performances are a celebration of heritage, a fusion of old and new and an invitation to revel in the infectious spirit of Ireland. 

Stay tuned for upcoming performances, releases, and opportunities to witness Kelly's Wayke's electrifying

live shows. Follow them on social media, and visit this website, and mark your calendars because

Kelly's Wayke is set to become a household name in the world of Irish folk music

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