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Paddy 'B' Kelly

Paddy, the "Cheeky" fellow of the gang! 

  • What Instrument do you play? 

Bass guitar, vocals, ukulele, foot stomp

  • Tell us your story?

Grew up in a musical family of ten. Remember at the age of five standing in front of the piano with my brother and sisters jigging along to the Irish Washerwoman with Dad playing in full swing on our old upright piano, and some very competitive musical chairs.

Early years played bass/keyboards in Johnny and the Moondogs and other rock n roll bands around Adelaide

  • What do you enjoy outside of KW?

In between gigs, like cycling trips to café’s and lotto shops, musical poster creation and ukulele duets.

  • What's your Favourite Drink?

I don't mind a nip of Bailey's at the end of a long day.

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