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Got some questions there do ya? Don't worry we've got your covered with our Frequently Answered Questions! We'll leave them just here! 


Where can I purchase a 'Kelly's Wayke' CD?

We are in the exciting works of creating our CD! Be sure to keep posted and soon you will be able to bring an Irish celebration to yer home. 


Where can I buy 'Kelly's Wayke' Merch?

You will be able to buy our Merchandise at our shows. Ranging from our fast selling T-shirts to our Stubby holders, you won't be disappointed. You can also contact: for Merch inquiries.


When is the Next Show?

You can always find our Upcoming shows details on our website in 'Upcoming Gigs' page or visit our Facebook and Instagram profiles (linked below). 


How can you tell someone is having fun at a 'Kelly's Wayke' show?

 They'll be Dancin' and Dublin over in laughter.

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